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Thanks for stopping by to learn a little more about me and my business. In stead of the same ole “about me” I wanted to be a little more personal with YOU.

I am natural entrepreneur, business owner and motivational speaker. I began my career as a professional singer for 9 years. It was during this time, that I identified the importance of influence, interpersonal relationships and communication. Also during this time I met and worked closely with my mentors who where Christian Multi-millionaires and owned a Commercial Real Estate and Financial Services company and I became obsessed with learning more about real estate, business, making money and financial independence.

I also worked for Countrywide Home Loans as an Account Executive and Manager for 5 years and gained strong leadership and management skills.

I have conducted countless hours of research, reading and building relationships through networking. These experiences provided me with the knowledge and experience that has produced results and success.

After I was laid off from Countrywide I committed myself full time to learning, growing and excelling in Real Estate Investing, Internet and Social Media Marketing.

I believe in being a “person of action”, having multiple streams of income and sharing my knowledge and experience to help others learn and grow to become financially independent as an entrepreneur.

Today, I work and partner with other entrepreneurs and investors all over the USA doing deals, coaching and speaking. I have closed hundreds of real estate deals and helped other entrepreneurs break through fear, find their passion and create additional streams of income.

When I’m not enjoying down time with my family and pets, I spend time traveling, reading, teaching and coaching others about entrepreneurship, becoming a person of action and creating additional streams of income for themselves and their families!

To your success!



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