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Recently I was wrapping up a 1 on 1 marketing session with a client at Starbucks in Bedford, TX. As I was packing up my laptop I turned and noticed several young teenage boys, dressed in athletic wear in the store.
I didn’t think anything of it until I saw the adult male with them wearing a bandana on his head and warm ups. I thought to myself “That looks like Deion Sanders!”
As I got into my truck and about to leave something told me to wait. A few seconds later the gentleman walked outside and I simply said “Hi Mr. Sanders how are you today?” He said I’m doing well how are you? (with a smile). I told him I was doing great and had something I wanted to give him.
He approached my truck and I handed him my book “21 Steps on How to Take Action and Get Results in Real Estate.” He read the title out loud then looked at me and said “You in Real Estate?” I said yes I am with a smile. He said is your contact information in the book, phone number, website…etc? I said “It sure is.” Then he shared with me that real estate has been good to him.
He thanked me for giving him the book and I told him your welcome and we both got in our vehicles and left.
There are 2 reasons I am sharing this story with you. #1 ALWAYS be prepared when opportunities present themselves. Do you have business cards, brochures, flyers, your product(s) with you at all times and share with people what you do?

If not you are missing out on potential opportunities to get leads, deals and make powerful connections!


#2 is FOLLOW-UP. I sent a tweet to my followers on twitter and tagged Deion in it simply saying it was a pleasure meeting him and he responded back! (see below)

Who knows if anything (deals, sales) will come of this but one thing I do know is the legendary, world class athlete Deion Sanders “aka” Primetime has a copy of my book that I personally placed in his hands.


The message I am simply sharing is to eliminate fear, be prepared and take action when opportunities present themselves because one meeting and/or exchange can change your life! 

Your Friend and Coach,

Lolita “aka” Lo