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Dear Friend,

On February 27th and 28th in Irving TX, you're invited by special invitation only to attend an exclusive Take Action Wholesaling (TAW) Live event 100% focused on teaching you how to set up your complete wholesaling real estate business online with Lolita Sheriow aka “Lo”.

At the TAW Event Live my guarantee is to walk you through creating your entire wholesaling system online. And After the Event you will be positioned to bust out of the blocks on fire! Also at the event you will be able to meet, Joe Boston, the founder of Dallas REIG (one of the top real estate groups in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area) and experience their "Real World" event during the TAW LIVE event!

If that is YOU… . TAW Live is for you!

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Most live events:

  • Often require you to be tech savvy and cost a lot of money.
  • The presenter goes so fast that you can’t retain the information.
  • Some of the techniques are outdated and not time effective.
  • You are left to figure out all of the moving parts to make them work on your own.


This is why at TAW Live we do not have several speakers giving you hundreds of different points that cause you to lose focus.

Lo believes "You are what you focus on" which is why TAW Live is focused on 2 additional very specific strategies (to be released at event).

 Bring your Laptop, Tablet or pen and pad and GET READY because Lo will be walking you thru step by step and showing you how to “SET” up your wholesale business online to be in the position to “CLOSE” more deals fast.

Start the weekend with the most important, power packed session and finally understand and know the exact process that will transform you from confused, broke and scared to crystal clear clarity with superior confidence!!

✓ Discover the “specifics” on contract writing, how to legally protect yourself and get both the seller and buyer contracts signed with ease.

✓ You’ll also learn how to scale your business on a budget so you may take full advantage of every cheap lead source imaginable.

✓ How to prioritize your day for maximum productivity and results.

✓ Learn the exact step-by-step process for fully using and applying the TAW Live strategies in your business.

Now here is just some of what you’ll learn:

  1. The fundamentals of successful wholesale real estate investing – these are the basic pillars all successful wholesaling businesses are built on … you must learn them if you ever want to make REAL money as an investor!
  2. 4 wildly effective, yet inexpensive ways to market for motivated sellers – you won’t believe how easy it is to find great deals when you use these techniques!
  3. What to say to clients to have them practically lining up and begging to do business with you – I’ll even give you proven effective scripts that you can follow word for word!
  4. How to automate your wholesale real estate investing business – so that you make more money while working less!
  5. What makes a good wholesaler – and how you can quickly and easily develop the same skills that successful wholesalers are relying on right now to make big profits!
  6. How to find the best wholesale deals, including insider tips on finding the best properties to wholesale, what areas are best and what conditions to look for – in short, you’ll get the targeted advice you need to ensure your profits soar!
  7. How to market your wholesale opportunities both online and offline to the widest possible audience of buyers even on a shoestring budget – follow these tips to drastically reduce your marketing expenses while dramatically increasing your profits!
  8. How to begin making profits immediately – my tips will allow you to begin earning money right away even if you have no prior real estate experience!
  9. How to analyze any deal and quickly and easily determine if it is right for you – this tip could save you from wasting a great  deal of time and money!
  10. How to structure a deal as well as how to control your deals from beginning to end!

 PLUS, you’ll also learn:

  •   How to easily generate more leads than you can handle!
  •   How to handle the paperwork involved in real estate transactions — including contracts and assignment agreements.
  •   How to put together a team of professionals that will help you succeed beyond your wildest dreams 
  •   How to negotiate the best, most profitable deals 
  •   How to evaluate homes and neighborhoods 
  •   How to increase your chances of having your offer accepted 
  •   How to market your properties without breaking your budget 

When and Where This Incredible Event Will Take Place

Beautiful Irving, TX February 27th and 28th, 2015

The Atrium Hotel & Suites

Special Room Rates are $79.00 Per Night Including Breakfast!

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We have a LIMITED block of guest rooms locked in at a discounted rate of $79.00 under the group name, “TAW Live Event”. Once the room block is full, standard rates apply so PLEASE book your accommodations at the Atrium Hotel & Suites right away to take advantage of this discounted rate. This rate is a first come, first serve basis, so make your reservation by calling 972-513-0800

You’re Invited to the Ultimate “VIP Bonus Networking Party” Event

1Friday evening February 27th - We will be having a Networking Party from 6pm to10pm at the Atrium Bar & Lounge. Meet and network with Lo and some of the most savvy real estate professionals around.


Saturday February 28th - Check In is at 8:00am to 8:30am. Class Begins promptly at 9:00am to 5:30pm. The presentation Notebook where you can follow along & take notes will be provided during the 8:00am Check In. Lunch will be provided from 12noon to 1pm.

Local Airport

3DFW Airport (DFW)



You are on your own for breakfast and dinner but WE ARE CATERING LUNCH.

There are several exceptional restaurants within walking distance.

What to Wear?


Business Casual

 What Kind Of Hefty Price Tag Should This Go For?

We thought about this for a long time. We asked what would be a fair price for 1 day with Lo the "Action Taker."

If you could pick up just a fraction of a fraction of this knowledge what would that be worth to you?

Actually, the lowest number our colleagues suggested was $997. And yes, we could charge and get this amount but then it would limit this information to people who are already doing well in real estate.

But we’ve decided to set this at a more reasonable level of $297.00

Still, we understand it might be a stretch for some of you as I have always been a big believer in rewarding decisive action, and as an added incentive we are willing to give you a 50% discount to reward you for making a quick decision, if you register by January 30th, 2015

Limited Seating Available for this Intimate Event

Don’t Wait…Register NOW!

TAW Live VIP Admission

$297 $197 (Register Before 02/26/15)

(Only 7 Available Seats)

General Seating 1st Come 1st Serve

Invite To the Friday Night VIP BONUS Meet & Greet with Lo and friends!

Event Starts Saturday with 8:00am Check In on 2/27/15 & 2/28/15

Ready, Set, Close! Binder with Presentation notes will be provided at 8:00am Check In

The first 10 People to Register will also get a FREE autographed copy my Amazon Best Selling book TAKE ACTION! 21 Steps on How to Take Action and Get Results in Real Estate.






CASE STUDY - Learn How One Attendee Got a Life Changing "Ahhh Haaa" Moment at the TAW LIVE Event and Closed Over 20 Deals in Just a Few Months!
Click here to listen to how Johnny Moore closed over 20 deals in a few months after the TAW LIVE Event.

CASE STUDY - How One Attendee Closed Her First Deal 2 Weeks After the TAW LIVE Event!
Click here to listen to the interview with Sheila Hawkins

See What Past Attendees Had To Say About the

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What Other Clients Have Said About Lo

I didn't start with any cash or credit wholesaling and I closed my 1st deal and made $7000! I know if I can do this anyone can do this. It can be done part-time or full time. If I were you I would attend Lo's LIVE Event, her training is the BEST! Take Action on what she teaches. God Bless and Good Luck!

Chris Shell

I've spent thousands of dollars on real estate investment traning and I was still stuck because I was overwhelmed with too much new information. The difference about Lolita's coaching is that she incorporates the new information with the most important factor in helping you create the life that you deserve: ACTION! Lolita is a superb teacher and a success CHAMPION. There are many investors who only share a little information and demand high prices, but Lolita does not keep any secrets. The dedication from Lolita, the knowledge you will gain, and the growth you will obtain is worth more than the price you will pay. You will receive a priceless return on your investment!

Shonta Prince

Lo's Wholesale training is the best I have ever encountered! It's straight to the point and doable.

Tershant Rhodes

Lo's Live training was great and one of the best I have been on. I was truly impressed with her training and learned a lot of actionable information from what she shared!

Kelly Payne

See you all in Irving!

It's going to be BLAST!!!










P.S. We are selling seats extremely fast so don’t procrastinate on making your 2015 EXCEPTIONAL! Register Now!